Makhoane Enterprises Pty Ltd goals & objective are, to become one of the leading construction and installation companies in other neighboring countries in the next 5 years.

Thus working hard, employing skilled team of personnel, which have excellent experience in their respective domain and providing cost advantage, quality of resources and sounding construction work to all our clients.

Over and above, we will strive to improve process unity “Uptime” by providing essential Construction Project Services.

  •  Retention of Current Clients- by providing a better solution to their clients
  •  Focus on future growth, by ensuring that necessary resources are available to focus on future growth strategies.
  • Complete project plan review and preparation, to assure the overall viability of the project plan.
  • Experienced Engineers to bridge the span between “knowing and doing”.
  • Providing the assurance that installed work systems meet or exceed the quality standards established by the client, to achieve both specified and expected quality.
  • Providing the knowledge and experience needed for successful project execution.
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